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The shared living-room has a relaxing atmosphere. Admire the beautiful contemporary styled staircase while enjoying your breakfast consisting of home-made pastries and jams or during dinner, which is prepared by your hosts. Daybreak reveals wonderful views of the surroundings with the typical chalky-soiled fields of Champagne, the beautiful town of Troyes or the Forêt d’Orient.

Your hosts


We are delighted to welcome you to our modern wooden house and to help you discover our lovely region situated in the heart of Champagne and the Forêt d’Orient; this is ideal area for a relaxing break.
This house embodies Yves’ passion for architecture; he personally deigned the interior. Chantal loves interior decoration and will be delighted to guide yu thrugh her choices for the harmonious and peaceful colours, as well as the furniture and lighting.
Our love of tourism and receiving guests dates back 20 years; after having run two Gîtes in this very region, we wanted to take this a step further. Our quest led us to open this house that we wanted contemporary in aspect, with modern comfort and built with organic materials
We would like you to enjoy this friendly atmosphere near Troyes in Champagne during your relaxing stay.
Chantal and Yves.

Introduction to the house - The building

OME SWEET HOME is a contemporary house bearing the “ECO GÎTE” label, situated in the heart of the CHAMPAGNE region and the PARC NATUREL DE LA FORÊT D’ORIENT; it has been decorated with great care and taste for your enjoyment and relaxation.
All the materials used draw on concepts such as sustainability, the habitat, and organic constructs in harmony with nautrally-inspired building methods. The wood construction is based on natural materials and insulating techniques such as cellulose insulation, wood wool and solar energy via panels integrated to the roof. The varieties of woods used are spruce, chestnut and poplar. Natural lime plaster with added linen or pigments were used to bring variety to the decoration of the ground-floor living area. To provide variety and individuality to the four bedrooms, we chose vegetable-based paints (soya oil) that ensure better air quality.

A word from the carpenter

As the assistant manager of the LES CHARPENTIERS DE TROYES company, I would like to express my pride in having had the opportunity to undertake the environmentally-friendly construction project for Mr and Mrs OME at Laubressel.
This very ambitious project corresponds perfectly to the approach of the Parc de la Forêt d’Orient. Tourist services, sustainable development and energy saving are the keywords for this user-friendly project. Also, as the President of the “Moulins à Vent Champenois” association situated in the borough of Dosches, three kilometres from the Gîte, like Chantal and Yves OME I care about a quality welcome for our visitors.
Tourists often come from far away to discover the town of Troyes and the lakes of the Forêt d’Orient and are delighted to stay for several days.

Erwin Schriever
Master Carpenter