Professional massage

Ome Sweet Home offers you massages carried out by Vanessa and Mathieu, who are experienced professional masseurs who will help you to get rid of your daily stress. During your stay, concentrate on relaxing.

Californian massage

Duration: 1 hour - with Vanessa
This is a gentle massage based on the awakening of the senses, which encourages total relaxation that will benefit stressed and overworked people.
On your own
With your partner Vanessa, Séverine, Amandine

Hawaiian "Lomi-Lomi" massage

Duration: 1h30 - with Vanessa
This is powerful and strengthening. This is a moment of profound relaxation; the massage recalls the swell of Hawaian waves.
On your own
With your partner Vanessa, Séverine

Therapeutic massage

Duration: 1 hour - with Matthieu
On your own
With your Partner Matthieu