Dear clients,

We thank you for your interest in our establishment and the trust you have placed in us.

For our safety and that of our guests, we are fully vaccinated.

For information and like all hotel establishments, we must comply with government "Sanitary Pass" rules in our guest house (Accommodation, breakfasts, swimming pool, table d'hôtes).

A person has the "Health Pass" when they have either:

A PCR, antigen or self-test performed under the supervision of a healthcare professional under 72 H.

A complete vaccination schedule (2 doses)

A Certificate of Recovery from Covid-19 Contamination

Our cleaning procedures are backed up by disinfection procedures: All our rooms are ventilated 20 minutes before any cleaning procedure and all windows are open during all cleaning operations.

We proceed to a methodical washing of our hands before and after each cleaning by using a first wash with soap and water for 20 seconds then, by applying a dose of disinfectant based on hydroalcoholic gel,

We clean all surfaces in the room using traditional detergents to remove dirt, grease, dust and germs. Once the surfaces are clean, we apply a disinfectant with a spray. Everything is wiped clean with a paper towel. We use new rags for every room cleaning after a guest leaves. (Either) These rags are discarded after each cleaning (or) These rags are washed intensively at very high temperature after each room cleaning.

Bed linen (sheets, mattress covers, duvet covers, etc.), cleaning and disinfection by Industrial Laundry. We treat the bathroom linen at the highest recommended temperature as well as disinfection with professional biodegradable products. All these textiles are handled with disposable gloves during each operation.

Our cancellation policy
For a reservation you made directly with us:

We suggest that you postpone it within 18 months according to the order of March 29, 2020.

If you have any specific questions, please do not hesitate to contact us directly and we will be happy to answer your questions.

Be reassured and take care of yourself.

Chantal and Yves